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 Web site for Decathlon - 2015 - San Antonio - www.Trackforlife.com Click on schedule then meet

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2015 Indoor Hept saw some fine performances - after 18 years records continue to fall:

 M35 - Mike Kuoppamaki - 4868

M40 - Jeferson Souza - 5010  (Ken Ellis 5436 from 1998 not yet ratified)

M60 - Doug Osland - 5393 (Emil Pawlik 5657 from 1999 not yet ratified)

M85 - Jerry Donley - 2536

W40 - Erika Pierce - 4286

W45 - Rebecca Connolly - 4196

W80 - Christel Miller - 5183


2015 Men's Hept Results - corrected Jerry Donley mark in HJ

2015 Women's Hept Results

2015 Midwest Regional Masters Indoor Results

 Looks like San Antonio Texas area - June 27-28 for 2015 Deca - 2016 is tentatively U of Virginia -
Bill Murray and I are now splitting the Combined Events and I will handle the Indoor Hept and Bill will coordinate the outdoor events (Deca/Hept) -

2014 Deca Results

2014 Womens Deca Results

2014 Womens Hept Results

Great Meet - Officials were the best and deserve a hardy thank you.  Timer was top notch -- M50 Brian Coushay new AR at 7467 - W40 Jessica Reiffer with AR 5515 -- did not just get them but stomped on them

 Also heard some people had awards questions - there was a box with a complete set with the 2014 info banner on them and some may have not got them - contact me and you will be sent the correct award.

 Again - great people on the track, supporting us an keeping us in line 

M45 Lee Faulkner - the classic - do all well - be solid and a win

M50 Brian Coushay - amazing new AR -- explosive is an understatement - Dolph and Jeff had a great battle for the Silver and Bronze

M55 Vern Ogle - fast - big shot discus and then just score 

M60 Larry Vollmer - really 12.55 for the 100 - 150 pts up after 1st event  - Russell over 800 pts in 100 - solid meet for Silver

M65 Lawerance Legesse - 3rd after day one - big second day 

 M70 Ron Colliver - not much else to say - he had the big S going

M75 Bob Bergfeldt prevails in epic battle with Roger Vergin

M80 Ted Rowan (Canada) leds Bill Jankovich, Jerry Donley and James Cleveland - yes four M80 finished the deca 



Ladies were great


20 yr old Jess Collins from UK was a welcome guest and a trooper

W40 – Jessica Reifer – New AR – boy can see run highest two point totals events 100m and 1500m – really

W45 Ruth Bird from UK  nice meet

W65 Mary Trotto – keeps on truckin


W45 Rebecca Connolly sub 30 in 200 solid everywhere

W50 Caryl Senn-Griffiths – big score – intense

W55 Donna Zukas – trouble in first event but would not quit

W65 Pat Oakes (UK) nice HJ

W75 Christel Donley – another big HJ

2014 Results Women and Men

2014 Midwest Indoor Regional Results

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2012 UK USA Challenge Results

See Results page for Mens Top 10 (Indoor Hept) - Womens list is up - send me any corrections or omissions

You will also find the complete Multi Results from 2011 Worlds and the 2012 Worlds -

Seattle - 14-15 Jul for Outdoor Combined Events Results- go to this site for more info - http://www.polevaultpower.com/decathlon/ 

Photos up on Photo page (pg2)

Pictures are loaded on Picture page -- also working on a location with file upload and storage - more to come on that

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Hept - time to plan
Entry done - meet sanction sent in -- see you all in March
11:08 am est 

Monday, March 4, 2013

7:47 am est 

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