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2014 Decathlon/Hept Entry Form

2014 Challenge Info - read me

Current Entry List

You can now find some info and ask questions easier - Decamouse location on facebook

Reviewed results few minor corrections - no place changes - had Emil and Joe's hurdle times switch - Joe #4 all time now - Rebecca Connolly PV hgt corrected - Also overlooked the fact that in M65 Lawerence Legesse move to #9 with his win and Doug Bryant is now #10  -  Revised Top 10's posted on Records and Results page


Great Meet with great people -- thanks again to Carthage for letting us hang out

 M35 - Jeferson Souza defends and up his AR to 4805

M45 - Chris Bates bests the listed AR with a 4985 (yeah 5000 would have been nice - but you are 49)

M50 - Dolf Berle moves to #4 all time with his fine 4911

M60 - Russell Jacquet-Acea cracks the top ten at #8 scoring 4743

M70 - Joe Johnston in his win puts himself tie for #5 on the list

M75 - Emil Pawlik #3 on the list

M80 - the big bang - Bob Hewitt posts highest score ever at this meet - 6153 which include a WR long jump -- honor watching that performance

M85 - Don Sazima is now the leader of the pack in M85

W45 - Rebecca Connolly AR performance - 3726





2014 Results Women and Men

2014 Midwest Indoor Regional Results

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2012 UK USA Challenge Results

See Results page for Mens Top 10 (Indoor Hept) - Womens list is up - send me any corrections or omissions

You will also find the complete Multi Results from 2011 Worlds and the 2012 Worlds -

Seattle - 14-15 Jul for Outdoor Combined Events Results- go to this site for more info - http://www.polevaultpower.com/decathlon/ 

Photos up on Photo page (pg2)

Pictures are loaded on Picture page -- also working on a location with file upload and storage - more to come on that

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Hept - time to plan
Entry done - meet sanction sent in -- see you all in March
11:08 am est 

Monday, March 4, 2013

7:47 am est 

2013.12.01 | 2013.03.01

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