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2018 Outdoors Combined Events will be at Grass Valley Calif. - date June 30 - July 1,  - Bill is the main man for outdoors - plan is poles from Nevada Union and maybe a mix from USATF and Indoor Hept will be at Outdoor Combined Events - Entry form linked below in pdf and .doc format



82 Entries as of 2018-06-22 - click here

NEW! Click here for Outdoor Champs Historical Data v2018-06-18

UPDATED! Click here for Indoor Champs Historical Data v2018-06-12

Click here for 2018 Entry - pdf format

Click here for 2018 entry - word document

Nevada Union Pole List

USATF Masters Pole List

Click here for more info on Grass Valley Outdoor

2018 Men's Hept Final

2018 Women's Hept Final

For more photos follow this link

HI- great seeing everyone - again thanks to Bill (Meet Ref), AJ (Timing), Steve (bang), Carthage staff and athletes for their help - or Masters Athletes are a great group - also thanks to the silent support we get from our group - including some who did not attend - also see Rob D'Avellar facebook page for some pictures -   

 There were 8 guys that moved into the Top 10 Performers: Wisniewski (M35), Yakoushkin (M40), Atherton (M60), Janusey (M60), Jacquet-Acea (M65), Vollmer (M65), Lagesse (M70) and Vergin (M80).  Rodney Atherton also best the published AR but not the meet Record.

-Also, there were 3 new Championship Event Records, or "Bests", all in Shot Put: Souza (M40, 12.94 / 42-05.50), Ruebel (M60, 12.47 / 40-11.00) and Lagesse (M70, 11.86 / 38-11.00)

2018 Decamouse Invite Results

2017 Mens Deca Final Result

2017 Womens Deca Final

2017 Womens Hept Final

First Entry Recieved:

Bryn Miller - M70 Honolulu, Hi

2017 Indoor Combined Events/Hept- January 28-29 (Sat-Sun) Carthage College - Kenosha, WI  -Results Below Form linked below - 

2017 Men's Hept Results

2017 Women's Hept Results

2017 Regional Results

2016 Mens Deca Results click here

2016 Outdoor Women Hept

2016 Womens Deca

click here for Women's Hept Results corrected PV

click here for 2016 Hept Men's result Jerry D hurdle result corrected

2015 Combined Events Results

Photos from 2015 Combined Events https://www.facebook.com/Decamouse

My email address - jpwatry@hotmail.com

2015 Men's Hept Results - corrected Jerry Donley mark in HJ

2015 Women's Hept Results

2014 Deca Results

2014 Womens Deca Results

2014 Womens Hept Results

2014 Results Women and Men

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2012 UK USA Challenge Results

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