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Adjust this page for a full view of this Decamouse Masters Scoring Calculator.  Give it a try.  Feedback is appreciated to help improve this product. 
- There are a few quirks, such as having to use the spacebar to delete an entry on this online desktop version, but the instructions are pretty basic. Please enter data in the requested format to avoid errors - and if visible, just ignore the scrollbars next to the calculator.
- The only active cells are where one enters their Gender, Age-Group and Marks.  All other areas are calculated/protected/hidden.
- No one other than the user can see their input and multiple users can use it at the same time. 
- Different versions of these scoring calculators are available for download in Excel format - see the Spreadsheets & Mobile Info page.

Below is a sample screenshot of what the output looks like, using Noel's M60 Gold-Medal Performance from the 2016 WMA Championship in Perth, Australia.