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Outdoor Combined Events now at Mt. Sac on 12-13 August - 2023 National Masters Outdoor Combined Events Championships – USATF Masters

Click Here For Final Results: 2023 Indoor Heptathlon

1997-2023 Historical File updated with 2023 final data/scores
-4 New Men's All-Time Top-10 Performers (R. Marenin, R. Jacquet-Acea, L. Vollmer, R. Vergin)
-3 New Women's All-Time Top-3 Performers (E. Fisher, K. Glynn, R. Hanscom)
-30 New Men's Top-10 Individual Event Performances and 18 New Women's Top-5 Individual Event Performances
-American Record for W35 Erycka Fisher, 2932 points with 5 All-Time Heptathlon Bests
-American Record for M85 Roger Vergin, 3090 points, besting Bill's #1 score of 2915 and James Leggitt's AR of 2909
-High scorers of the meet: Women: W65 Kay Glynn 4567 # 2 all-time, Men: M70 Russell Jacquet-Acea 4510 #5 all-time
-Ten All-Time Heptathlon Bests: M35 Roman's 60m, M85 Roger's 60m & 60H, W65 Kay's LJ, W65 Rita's SP, W35 Erycka's 60m, LJ, SP, 60H, 800m

click here Women's 2022 Outdoor Combined Event - Deca

click here 2022 Men's Deca

2022 Outdoor Combined Event Championship Highlights:

3 American Records:
- M85 Roger Vergin 6021 (previous AR of 5858 by D. Smith, 2011)
- W60 Daphne Scott 7221 (previous AR of 6946 by R. Hanscom, 2018)
- W75 Barbara Warren 4206 (first W75 deca in Championship history)
Individual Event All-Time Bests:
- Roger Vergin (M85): 100m 17.53, LJ 3.04/9-11.75, 80H 18.75
- Deia Goff (W45): PV 2.35/7-8.5
- Daphne Scott (W60): HJ 1.30/4-3.25, 1500m 7:04.93
- Kay Glynn (W65): DT 22.01/72-2

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Another web site you might be interested in is the Decathlete web site run be Lee Faulkner that caters to us and does have some good links to track training, training aids or recovery tools, vitamins, food - also added link to HJ site - Kangaroo Track Club - on HJ page

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Monday, April 27, 2020

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New Training partner Shitsu-Yorkie mix - Mickey B keeps me company until Jeannie wakes up - so have a 1.5 hr window in morning for this stuff

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