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Historical Data and American Record Details for Indoor & Outdoor Combined Events Championships (Links Below)

UPDATED: Click here for 1985-2024 Indoor Pentathlon Historical Data - v20240330

Click here for 1997-2024 Indoor Heptathlon Historical Data - v20240213

Click here for 1972-2023 Outdoor Combined Event Historical Data - v20240213

Note: You can search for your name in these above-mentioned historical documents using the pdf search/find (magnifying glass) function.

Click here for Decamouse's American Record Details - Updated 2024-01-07

(AR Details for Men's & Women's: Decathlon, Heptathlon, Indoor Heptathlon, Pentathlon, Indoor Pentathlon, Throws Pentathlon  and Ultra-Weight Pentathlon)

2022 Indoor Mens Hept

2022 Indoor Hept Women

2021 Outdoor Combined Events R1

2020 Womens Hept Results - Corrected W50 PV

2020 Mens Hept Results - Corrected M85

2019 Womens Deca Results

2019 Womens Outdoor Hept Results

2019 Mens Deca Results

2019 Masters Women Indoor Hept Results

2019 Open Women Indoor Hept Results

2019 Masters Men Indoor Hept Results

2018 WMA Results

2018 Men's Combined Events Results

2018 Women's Outdoor Hept

2018 Women's Deca AG

2018 Women's Open Deca

2018 Men's Hept Final

2018 Women's Hept Final

2017 Mens Deca Final

2017 Womens Deca Final

2017 Womens Hept Final

2017 Men's Hept Results

2017 Women's Hept Results

2016 Mens Deca Results

2016 Outdoor Women Hept

2016 Womens Deca

2016 Women's Hept Results

2016 Men's Hept Result

2015 Men's Hept Results

2015 Women's Hept Results

2015 Combined Events Results

2014 Deca Results

2014 Womens Deca Results

2014 Womens Hept Results

2014 Results Women and Men

2013 Women's Outdoor Hept

2013 Men's Deca

2013 Women's Deca