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click here for "The Sail Piece"

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2012 Inocencio Presentation

Herb Jenks Patent US3869557

Origins of Fiberglass Pole by Aubrey Charles Dooley - 1961

Below are links to 5 part video series from a Pole Vault clinic in Melbourne - 2015

Vid 1 - Intro to Steve Rippon, hand positions, movements

Vid 2 - Body positions - Take Off, Swing to Pike, Pike, Pike to Extension, Bar Clearance, more

Vid 3 - questions and answer period

Vid 4 - warmup drills

Vid 5 - drills with poles, run mechanics

Steve Rippon Pole Vault Clinic Vid 1

Steve Rippon Pole Vault Clinic Vid 2

Steve Rippon Pole Vault Clinic Vid 3

Steve Rippon Pole Vault Clinic Vid 4

Steve Rippon Pole Vault Clinic Vid 5

A little mouse told me:
 2023  -- thoughts -- wow again
Mondo continues to raise the bar - Women have lots of players
USC Spirit is still dominate player
Essx with Chris N., Sam and Katie N. plus others is top carbon pole
Gill showing up with Pacer FX and Composite (Carbon pole) 
Altius and Nordic are also carving out niches - Nordic expanding out from Sweden/Norway/Finland - good job Lars
Fibersport and Dynasty - a few new players from old blood lines


Back in time -- Herb Jenks and early Pacer poles -- brilliant man -- remember how poles used to splinter with longer strips or shards when a pole broke -- the Original Pole patent on the (helically wound according to patent wording) spiral wrap -- this was for added hoop strength -- based on using straight glass (not woven material) so to get hoop strength - the spiral wrapping of material -- the two spiral wraps were also separated by a body wrap - that was important -- if you are a die hard read Patent 3,969,557 -- materials have changed and improved -- the patent talks about avoiding woven material --  
Use what works for you - sometimes pole choice is made for you - place or coaches
Pole building still has a lot of hands on work - craftsmanship - patterns and materials - great - a good chief can use the same ingredients and will get a better product that someone who main goal is to make quantity -
 you need consistency - reliability - quality control - repeatability and not treat as a mass produced commodity product 
Could be an interesting season  will try and update more often and give any insite or hindsight you can get living in cheeseland
Picture below - look at the shock wave in the pole - draw line from top of pole to break point to see the wave of energy - that is why it hurts the hand 


2014 Women's Indoor Worlds Pole Break

The following link is for a little tidbit I threw together and Ashley Whittaker helped clean up while I was at Gill. 
This plus a few of my presentations can be found out on the web.
This page will also included some expanded information as mentioned on the home page

Click for Engineers View on a Pole Vault Pole

2004 Pole Symposium presentation

2006 European Vault Conference - big file

2008 European Vault Conference - big file

2009 Power Point Presentation

My Input on PV Poles 1/27/2011

Example of 425 Series Section Modulus

I have started adding links to the various items or sections as seen above.
I will add more as time permits or questions arise.
Remember - it is a composite - many ways to get to the final product
Use what works for you
425 Series Example -- you can see when mandrel size changes by when the handle gets stiffer
Pole Failure has some stills of single point failure -
Renaud and video at bottom have multi point from over load

Sweet take-off - click below to see ---- Steve Lewis UK - his coach at that time was Steve Rippon

-- in my opinion one of the top coaches in the world

click here to play video

Try hard enough - you can break any pole - click below for video

click here to play video