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EquipmentRanking with CommentsBest Bang for Your Buck
Starting Blocks 1) Gill Fusion I (pricey but I think best block available) 
2) Newton Blocks 
3) Adjustable angle block (choose one)
Quik Start (On Track) – low cost – adjustable angle
Shot Puts1) Turned Iron  
2) Cast Iron (less costly) 
Legal and low cost is all you need
High Jump Standards 1)  Gill International HJ Std (cost less than UCS GP Std but I prefer for ease of operation and function) 
2)  AAE HJ Std (simply yet covers all hgts – moderate price 
3) VS Alum HJ Std – low price – decent std
Junior Alum HJ Std (from VS Athletics) can not beat price – simple -
Hurdles1)  L shape versus rocker for records 
2)  Cost – cost -cost 
3) Training – get 5 plyo hurdles
Look for best buy – for training 5 plyo hurdles work best – can throw in your vehicle
Discus1) Old OTE Low Moment (Green) 
2) Gill Blue unless you need 1.5K 
3) International Athletics (by OnTrack)
International Athletics (has different sizes)(On Track)
Pole Vault Standards 

1)  Gill 7141 - you can fix when you break
whatever you buy - check ease of tightening knob replacement - various offset hgt/locations -

2) AAE has moderate priced and nice set of PV std-


Pole Vault Poles

1) The one that works for you
2) Skypole – value and performance 
3) Spirit – can not go wrong (Pacer FX is very similar pole)

4) ESSX Recoil Carbon is making serious inroads - may have to try

5) Nordic Carbons are nice if you can get ahold of

Big Stick – (On Track)Similar to Skypole except uses e-glass instead of s-glass

1) Nordic Javelins   
2) OTE Javelins 
3) Nemeth

Aussie  2000(VS Athletics) Unless you throw well over 40m – bargain

What implements do I need? 

  1. really need a cheap shot,
  2. correct wgt discus,
  3. correct wgt jav for practice --  for comp - most meets you can borrow -- jav is area people might be a little less willling - not usually a problem

poles -- a bitch to travel with - so check ahead -- many multi's have poles to borrow

What should I spend money for? 

What is worth it? 

Best bang for your buck  ---

Biggest waste of money!!!

Call or e-mail me if you have equipment questions -- trust worthy sources to get equipment from - who supports Master's programs

Let me know what else you would like info on

I will be bringing a small selection of poles to future Hept and Decathlons

Decamouse - Masters Combined-events