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Hi all

I started coaching High Jumpers after college in 1979 (two years on Ice Breaker was my break from track) - This allowed me a place to train - learned some stuff along the way.

Have had some reasonable success and enjoyed working with the many jumpers at many levels since then - D1, D2, D3 and high School

This info will hopefully help - some geared towards us masters folks - been watching alot of the Diamond League - knee drive and quicken the last two steps is so important - I will develop as I can - any questions please ask.



Many young jumpers do not want to pay attention to this part - which I feel is the most important part - running a good consistent approach that puts you in the correct position to maximize the jump - convert horizontal to vertical - practice this at almost every jump session - 


  • distance from bar at takeoff
  • angle of approach and result flight path
  • subtle lowering of hips on 2nd to last step  (penultimate step)
  • body position (lean and arms, shoulders)
below are two articles that go over this - can get a bit technical - but heck - I am an Engineer so I did not mind reading


click here for Biomechanical Study of HJ Approach

click here for High Jump

Snippets of various position from 2022 Indoor Worlds - click here

Snippets from 1977 DIII NCAA - click here

Good site that has lots of training info and video links - I have had some jumpers go to their camps with very positivie results  --  Kangaroo Track CLub

Click here to go to the KangarooTrackClub site -

Little something from a technical writing course I took in Grad School - click here

Basic workout sheet for HS Kids - click here

Calendar for the workouts

Basic concept is early season lots of drills and approach work - as you get to bigger meets - you have to jump high (or attempt higher hgts) - since this is geared towards flop - I will address rollers later

Big sit out over the bar (not recommended) versus rotate and flip or straighten the legs to clear  - here is where an example helps - how does a figure skater spin or rotate faster - pull arms in - since we are rotating about axis near hips the splayed leg or frog leg position can help this rotation - Noel Ruebel does this well - 



Basics for multis and equipment

 What implements do I need? 

  1. really need a cheap shot,
  2. correct wgt discus,
  3. correct wgt jav for practice --  for comp - most meets you can borrow -- jav is area people might be a little less willling - not usually a problem

poles -- a bitch to travel with - so check ahead -- many multi's have poles to borrow

What should I spend money for? 

What is worth it? 

Best bang for your buck  ---

Biggest waste of money!!!

Call or e-mail me if you have equipment questions -- trust worthy sources to get equipment from - who supports Master's programs

Let me know what else you would like info on

I will be bringing a small selection of poles to future Hept and Decathlons


Decamouse - Masters Combined-events